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To be the leading exchange in the region and a key driver of economic growth with state-of-art technology and world class service to ensure highest level of confidence among stakeholders.



  • Proactive approach to keep pace with continuous technological advancement, and providing highest standard of service through efficiency improvement and introduction of new products.
  • Contributing to country's economic growth through creation of wealth, facilitating access to capital and penetrating untapped market.
  • Superior corporate governance to enhance confidence of investors, regulators, issuers and intermediaries.





Dhaka Stock Exchange shall endeavor to achieve the following objectives within 2020:



  • Achieve a sustainable average daily turnover of BDT 25 billion.
  • Ensure steady domestic and offshore institutional investments of at least three fourth of the total investments in the market.
  • Attract more foreign investments to attain a steady level of at least 30% of the total market capitalization.
  • Double the total number of listed securities (other than Government Bills and Bonds).
  • Increase depth and liquidity of bond market, including bringing in the Government Securities under trading net.
  • Increase breadth by listing new products, i.e. Index futures, ETF, Sukkuk and derivatives.


Knowledge Development:

  • Enhance knowledge of general investors to ensure an aware and educated investor base.



  • Ensure effective separation of regulatory function from commercial operation.
  • Enhance corporate governance and ensure investors' protection.



  • Deploy State-of-Art technology through continuous but prudent and effective investment.


Human Resources Development:

  • Ensure continuous learning for employees through effective training.
  • Ensure optimum organizational structure.

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Phone: 88-02-9564601, 9576210-18, FAX: +88-02-9564727, +88-02-9569755
Email: dse@bol-online.com, Web: http://www.dsebd.org/

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